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IoT Training

IoT Training Overview

Course Duration 25 hrs
Training Options Live Online / Self-Paced / Classroom
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Take your technical skills to the next level with IoT training. IoT corporate and online training will provide valuable insights into innovative technologies required to develop and deploy IoT solutions. After IoT training course, you will be a master all the latest level techniques and core fundamentals of IoT. You will master IoT Solution architecture, IoT Framework, IoT Ecosystem, and Raspberry Pi. With our IoT training course, candidates can explore emerging technologies like Big data, Machine learning, Cloud-based AI, and RPA.

IoT Training and Certification Course Objective

After completing this IoT training course, you will be able to have a grasp on the following: 

  • Develop your own IoT devices and sensors  
  • Enable to deploy this technology for security and communication   
  • Gain Skillfulness in IoT technology and its tools
  • Know fundamentals, various features of the IoT landscape and background technologies  
  • Know communication interfaces, sensors, and microcontrollers to create and design IoT devices
  • Know to build current computing architecture 
  • Infrastructure layers in IoT
  • Work with Big Data 
  • Deploy Data Analytics
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino interface for IoT
  • Programming for systems and components
  • HDMI, USB, and Ethernet protocols 
  • Face Detection and reorganization with OpenCV-Python

This training befits Solution Architects, Software Developers new to IoT space, Technical Architects, Business Executives and aspirants looking to seek IoT knowledge. Knowing Linux and Python programming fundamentals will be an added advantage to pursue this course.


IoT Online and Classroom Training Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to IoT

  • What is IoT?
  • Execution of IoT in different domains 

Module 2: IoT Architecture

  • IoT Technology Stack
  • Actuators and Sensors
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Wireless and Network Communication Protocols
  • Cloud components and IoT
  • Data Streaming
  • Data Store
  • Visualization and Analytics in IoT

Module 3: Sensor & Actuator

  • Know Sensor & Actuator
  • What is a good sensor?
  • Sensor classification and properties  
  • Types of Actuators and Sensors  
  • Sensor Types 
  • IoT Hardware Platform  
  • How to select Hardware platform?

Module 4: Arduino and Raspberry pi Hardware

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Open Source Microcontroller Platform
  • PCB Design Tools, Schematics, and prototype steps
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi Board Layout, Architecture
  • Purpose of Raspberry Pi and Arduino 

Module 5: Arduino Programming Fundamentals

  • Program Arduino with Arduino IDE
  • Enable Arduino to respond to actuators and sensors   
  • Reading data from Digital Sensors/analog
  • How to compile data to Digital actuators/ analog 

Module 6: Interfacing Actuators and Sensors with Hardware

  • Connect sensors to Arduino to read data and display on the serial monitor 
  • Connect actuator to Arduino and controlling it by detecting temperature
  • Control a buzzer with Ultrasonic ranger
  • Control sprinklers with relay by detecting moisture with the moisture sensor

Module 7: Program Raspberry Pi Board

  • Understand Raspberry Pi 3 Model
  • Install Designing Systems and OS with Raspberry pi
  • Configure Raspberry Pi for VNC Connection
  • Get introduced to Linux OS
  • Basic Linux uses and commands  
  • Python
  • Variables, control Structure, and Functions   
  • Python File Handling, Export or Import data
  • Interface Actuator and sensor with Raspberry Pi

Module 8: IoTCommunication Protocol

  • IoT Wireless Protocols
  • NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, BLE, Z Wave, and ZigBee
  • Compare the wireless Protocols
  • Communication Channels
  • GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, LTE, 2G, 3G
  • Compare the Communication Channels
  • Network Protocols

Module 9: IPv4 and IPv6

  • Know IPv4 and IPv6
  • Problems with IPv4
  • How IPv6 resolves the issues with IPv4
  • RF protocol Application issues
  • LOS, power consumption, Security aspects, reliability

Module 10: UDP /TCP Transport layer Protocol

  • Introduction of UDP and TCP
  • TCP vs UDP Transport layer protocol

 Module 11: HTTP Application layer in IoT Protocol

  • Basics and structure of HTTP protocol
  • HTTP protocol GET/POST Method
  • Python Flask library design web page
  • How to control from a webpage with HTTP protocol?
  • How to publish sensor data over the webserver?

Module 12: MQTT IoT Protocol

  • What is MQTT?
  • Purpose of MQTT
  • Features of MQTT
  • Publish/MQTT Subscribe 
  • Working with MQTT Broker
  • Understanding MQTT QoS
  • Knowing MQTT Security

Module 13: MQTT with Raspberry Pi

  • Set up Mosquitto MQTT broker
  • Introduction to Paho MQTT
  • Subscribe/ Publish test on IoT eclipse platform

Module 14: CoAP IoT Protocol

  • Introduction to CoAP
  • The architecture of the CoAP IoT protocol
  • HTTP vs COAP
  • Execute CoAP with CoAPthon Python library
  • Design client and server with Python

Module 16: IoT Cloud Platform(Ubidot)

  • How to read data from sensors 
  • Creation of JSON Object
  • Set up HTTPS connection with Wi-Fi
  • Creation of business rules in Ubidot for alarms
  • Send Data to Ubidot platform
  • Creation of rules and configuring Alarm for your device
  • Send data to Ubidot to trigger the alarm
  • Develop and configure Graph/chart for visualization
  • How to Control the actuator from Ubidot with polling technique

Module 17: Big Data Concepts

  • Cloud data storage
  • What is Big Data?
  • Big Data Characteristics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Purpose of Big Data Analytics
  • Applications of Big Data Analytics
  • Various Data Stores
  • Big Data Technologies like CouchDB, Node4J, MongoDB

Module 18: Dynamodb

  • Dynamodb Configuration
  • Dynamodb table creation 
  • Create rule link with AWS IoT
  • Store sensor data From AWS IoT 

Module 19: SNS Concepts

  • Install SNS service
  • Verify SNS service with subscribe/publish
  • Create a link and rule with AWS IoT


Evolve into a certified IoT professional by enrolling in IoT Training rendered by CA Software Technologies (CAST). We offer a certification program, corporate and online training classes under the guidance of domain experts. Enroll in the IoT Training course and experience real-time scenarios with practical assignments. We also give 100% job assistance, access to live interactive sessions and customized content as per the preference of the students. We help you prepare for challenging career roles in the same.

IoT Training Options

For Corporates

Live Instructor Led IoT Training
  • Live Presentation of theory and demonstration of features and tasks of the Denodo
  • Learn as per a daily schedule.
  • You get recordings of each training session that you attend.
  • Clarify doubts at the beginning of each training session.
  • Delivered through Goto Meeting.
  • Completely Customizable Course Content & Schedule.
  • Certification Guidance Provided.
IoT Training Classroom Training
  • F2F interactive presentation of theory and demonstration of features and tasks of the Denodo
  • Learn as per full day schedule with discussions & exercises.
  • No recordings available, however you can choose self-paced video if needed.
  • Doubts Clarifications.
  • Delivered through F2F as trainer conducts the training at your facility.
  • Completely Customizable Course Content & Schedule.
  • Certification Guidance Provided.
Self Paced Learning
  • High Quality videos built by industry experts with theory and demonstration of features and tasks of the Denodo
  • Learn at your Convenience.
  • You get pre-defined recordings.
  • Delivered through LMS.
  • Fixed Course Content.
  • Certification Guidance Provided.

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