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CA Software Technologies (CAST) provides a fast and deeper learning experience through our professional expert training platform. We're having many domain experts, mentors, speakers, instructors, creators, etc to deliver exponential results to the organizations and offering customized solutions to the individuals for career development.

Are you ready to join CAST to a partner like minds? We're happy to welcome you to become a Trainer and teach the CAST students what you know or what you love to teach. An incredible self-employment opportunity for the domain experts to turn your technical expertise into real-world experience.

Criteria to Become a Trainer:

To maximize value for CAST learners we need a relevant domain expert trainer who can teach from basic to advanced concepts. Certified trainers are the individuals, who can teach the course in their respective fields and beyond and taking responsibilities of solving complex topics, clear communication with beginners and professionals, support to course development, ownership over the task, having good interpersonal and communication skills, etc. If you're ready to excel in your training career CA Software Technologies (CAST) is the perfect choice for you. Follow your Passion and Stand in-front of the Competition.

Convert Your Passion into Earnings:

As the learning methods have been changed, the speed of learning is also increased. As a CAST trainer, you will have a good sense of style, creativity, communication skills, and passion to create customized content of your own which makes you will get the revenue sharing opportunity.



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